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About Me

I want to help businesses share purposeful information about products and services they have to offer. I'm blessed with a combined knowledge of what makes a great story and how to get it heard. Newspaper reporting afforded me myriad opportunities to hone the one skill every storyteller must master: listening. Impactful stories often hide in the background. That's why I never put fingers to keyboard until I've listened to every detail. Those details are what make – or break – a great story.

My Specialties

  • Content strategy
  • Writing / Editing
  • Media relations
  • Public relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Agency experience
  • Strategic communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Merger and acquisition communication
  • Branding and identity

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E: davecliftonut@gmail.com

M: +1 801-656-5541

LI: linkedin.com/in/daveclifton/

My Work

Power of the Workplace: Impacts of Remote Work

Managing expectations for a return-to-work plan should be No. 1 for companies seeking to ensure the safety of their employees. Globally, employees have shown that remote work is viable and even preferable for productivity and engagement. In this episode, SpaceIQ Chief Financial Officer Pat Clark and Chief Marketing Officer Nai Kanell discuss the challenges in developing a budget-appropriate plan that offers opportunities to work remotely while resuming uninterrupted operations in a physical off

The most germ-infested item in your home office (by far)

As we all know, germs are microscopic – but imagine if you could see all of them. Bacteria divide every 20 minutes in ideal conditions, with the capability of spreading to multiple surfaces in your home. Your home office is no exclusion. Now that many are working from home full-time, workers are spending countless hours in their “home office” – whether that be a dedicated office space in a room, the living room or your bedroom. Although we aren’t leaving the house as much nowadays, germs can s

Two trends reveal why downtown Seattle will eventually rebound

Seattle is full of empty offices right now. But after the pandemic is over, many companies are saying workers can still work from home. So, what does that mean for all the office space Seattle built over the last 10 years? Did we build too much of it? It wasn’t long ago, that you could stand at the Space Needle observation deck and count more construction cranes than just about any other American city. The office towers they started building before the pandemic are still being finished now. But